Taking 100DaysOfMLCode

Diwash Shrestha
2 min readAug 31, 2018

I completed #100DaysOfCode challenge 2018-Aug-14. I used to code for the data analysis and machine learning project and mostly in R language.

Whats 100daysofcode

In the 100daysofcode challenge, a person should do coding 1hrs daily for consecutive 100days. The coding done should be for personal projects. This challenge does not count the coding done for work or office purpose. A person can share their activity using #100DaysOfCode on Twitter, Instagram.

Why ML Code challenge

Because I love challenges. I found that I learned a lot about data analysis, ML during 100 days than in a year. I started to read books and blogs for my personal projects. I learned about the time management as I managed time during my board exams to code. These challenges give me hunger to improve my knowledge and learn daily.

Target for Next 100 Days

This time I am focusing on Machine Learning and other fields related to it. I want to have deep knowledge of these fields theoretically and practically. I will be reading lots of books, blogs of other programmer and engage with other data scientist.

I am reading two books about the machine learning and predictive modeling with R language.

I hope this story was worth your time, it’s my first story and sorry for any mistakes. I just wanted to write and tell my story. If you’ve enjoyed it I’d be happy if you write me a message on my twitter:https://twitter.com/diwastha