Access Modifier is the keyword which decide who can access resource or object in a C# program. We can control the access level of class, method , variables in a program using a access modifier.

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There are six Access Modifiers in C# which have different features and which give different levels of access to the object(class/method/variable) with which it is used.

Public Access Modifier

The objects(methods/properties) with public access modifiers can be accessed from anywhere in a project. There is no accessibility restriction for public access modifiers.

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Statistics is a branch of mathematics working with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation. It is very important in Data Analysis, Data Science and Machine Learning.

In this post we will learn about the descriptive statistics with R.

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics is used to summarize the data, and it focuses on Distribution, the central tendency and dispersion of the data. In this section we will learn to work on.

  • Distribution
  • Central tendency
  • Dispersion

Measures for central tendency

Central tendency is a measure that best summarizes the data and is a measure that is related to the center of the data set. …

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I completed #100DaysOfCode challenge 2018-Aug-14. I used to code for the data analysis and machine learning project and mostly in R language.

Whats 100daysofcode

In the 100daysofcode challenge, a person should do coding 1hrs daily for consecutive 100days. The coding done should be for personal projects. This challenge does not count the coding done for work or office purpose. A person can share their activity using #100DaysOfCode on Twitter, Instagram.

Why ML Code challenge

Because I love challenges. I found that I learned a lot about data analysis, ML during 100 days than in a year. I started to read books and blogs for my personal projects. I learned about the time management as I managed time during my board exams to code. …


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